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#1 for Customer Service in the Background Check Industry!

Posted by admin on Jan 5, 2017 4:45:00 AM
Pre-employ recognized as the best provider of background check services in the country!
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Does "Ban the Box" Discriminate against Minorities?

Posted by Marketing on Jan 3, 2017 5:00:00 AM

On the surface, withholding criminal history information from employers until late in the interview stage would seem to help African American and Hispanic men gain employment. But a recent study by The national Center of Economic Research ( in their October 2016 digest) claims just the opposite. 

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Texas Attempts to Limit "Ban the Box" Legislation

Posted by Bob Mather on Dec 30, 2016 9:17:23 AM

The State of Texas is taking aim at Cities and counties that are attempting to Micromanage Ban the Box regulations. 

According to the attorney Pamela Q. Devata, Robert T. Szyba, Stacey L. Blecher of Seyfarth Shaw The Legislature of the State of Texas has introduced a new bill designed  to create uniformity within its borders by prohibiting municipalities and counties from micro-managing the particular steps involved in private employers’ hiring with regard to the prohibition, limitation, or regulation of background screening.
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Employees, Marijuana and Your Company

Posted by Bob Mather on Dec 13, 2016 5:24:00 AM

What is a human resource manager to do when new or current employees proudly proclaim their use of re creationaldrug? The answer may be, continue what you have  always been doing.

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More than 10 employees in California?

Posted by Bob Mather on Dec 10, 2016 9:58:21 AM

Ban the Box

IIn what may be a preview of things to come for all California Employers   The Los Angeles City Council has voted (13-1) to pass a ‘Fair Chance Initiative’ ( effective Jan 1-2017) that will “Ban the Box” from job applications. The initiative will forbid public and private employers with more than 10 employees from asking applicants about criminal records while alsonrequiring the delay of background checks until conditional job offers are made. This according to a blog on the website of Councilman Curren D. Price (District 9).

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