Amazon Hit with Second Background Check FCRA Class Action Lawsuit

As with many employers, Amazon ( the online retailer) was hit with  a second FCRA class action lawsuit. 

Accordiing to topclassactions.com,a class action lawsuit filed by Plaintiff Theo Feldstein alleges he was initially offered a job working for Amazon but the offer was withdrawn after the company received a negative background check conducted as part of the employment process.

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Disney FCRA Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Continues

Employers were reminded On September 30th of 2015 that adverse action policies and procedures are a legal minefield if not handled with precision.

In his response to a motion filed with  the courts, Judge Steven Wilson granted plaintiff's motion to remand in the Walt Disney FCRA Class Action Lawsuit regarding pre-adverse action and adverse action procedures.

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Genesis Healthcare Wins FCRA Background Check Lawsuit



In a great ruling for US based employers, U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney rules that Genesis HealthCare LLC (Genesis) did not violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when it employed a third party to conduct a criminal history background check on a potential employee.


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Ban the Box Movement in the State of Oregon

Ban the Box Movement in the State of Oregon

This month, Oregon House and Senate approved legislation to support the Ban the Box movement that has been spreading through the country. House Bill 3025 (H.B. 3025) has been passed along to Governor Kate Brown for the signature to pass the bill.


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How Your Old Hiring Process Might Be Putting You at Risk for a Lawsuit

Today‚Äôs world of hiring practices can be tricky and easy to mess up.  It used to be a standard to ask right away if the applicant had a criminal record, but try and do that today and you could end up in a lawsuit for discrimination.

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