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FBI Raids Home of Former CEO

Posted by Bob Mather on April 24, 2018

In a move that closely relates to national news, FBI agents and the Tulare County district attorney's office  raided the home of former Tulare Regional Medical Center CEO Benny Benzeevi. This according to the Visalia Times Delta

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422 FCRA Lawsuits Filed in February 2018 Employers Beware!

Posted by Bob Mather on April 11, 2018

In a month where the numbers of every other type of complaint was a bit depressed, FCRA has continued its remarkable growth streak, with a strong 422 plaintiffs represented in February invoking the statute.

FCRA used to be the ugly stepchild to TCPA, the statute that almost always had the the slightly better numbers and momentum. That trend appears to have subsided.

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According to the website, putative class actions were higher than average last month with 23% of FDCPA, 22.3% of TCPA and 36.3% of FCRA lawsuits filed that way.

About 33% of all plaintiffs who filed suit last month had filed at least once before.


  Current Month: Previous Month: Previous
  Year to Date: Year to
Date Comp:
  Feb 01, 2018
Feb 28, 2018
Jan 01, 2018
Jan 31, 2018
Feb 01, 2017
Feb 28, 2017
  Jan 01, 2018
Feb 28, 2018
Jan 01, 2017
Feb 28, 2017
BBB  2458 2752 -10.7% 5195 -52.7%   5210 10042 -48.1%
CFPB  4439 4962 -10.5% 4010 10.7%   9401 7778 20.9%
FDCPA  788 815 -3.3% 829 -4.9%   1603 1650 -2.8%
FCRA  422 309 36.6% 265 59.2%   731 683 7.0%
TCPA  296 315 -6.0% 376 -21.3%   611 777 -21.4%


Complaint Statistics:

2458 consumers filed BBB complaints, 4439 consumers filed CFPB complaints, and about 1302 consumers filed lawsuits under consumer statutes from Feb 01, 2018 to Feb 28, 2018.

  • 2458 BBB Complaints
  • 4439 CFPB Complaints
  • 788 FDCPA, 181 Class Action (23.0%)
  • 296 TCPA, 66 Class Action (22.3%)
  • 422 FCRA, 153 Class Action (36.3%)

Litigation Summary (scroll down for BBB and CFPB data):

  • Of those cases, there were about 1302 unique plaintiffs (including multiple plaintiffs in one suit).
  • Of those plaintiffs, about 435, or (33%), had sued under consumer statutes before.
  • Combined, those plaintiffs have filed about 4069 lawsuits since 2001
  • Actions were filed in 147 different US District Court branches.
  • About 744 different collection firms and creditors were sued.

The top courts where lawsuits were filed:

  • 121 Lawsuits: Illinois Northern District Court – Chicago
  • 54 Lawsuits: New York Eastern District Court – Central Islip
  • 50 Lawsuits: New York Eastern District Court – Brooklyn
  • 48 Lawsuits: California Eastern District Court – Sacramento
  • 42 Lawsuits: Georgia Northern District Court – Atlanta
  • 36 Lawsuits: Pennsylvania Eastern District Court – Philadelphia
  • 33 Lawsuits: Florida Middle District Court – Tampa
  • 29 Lawsuits: Indiana Southern District Court – Indianapolis
  • 28 Lawsuits: Florida Southern District Court – Fort Lauderdale
  • 28 Lawsuits: California Central District Court – Western Division – Los Angeles


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E-Verify Enforcement Agents Raid 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide

Posted by Bob Mather on January 11, 2018

Employers in all industries are encouraged to review or enact a I9 E-verify program like after the latest law enforcement raid on a employer.

i9compliance everify ice agent raid


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$95 Million Plea Deal for I-9 Violations

Posted by Bob Mather on December 13, 2017

One of our favorite employment law firms to work with is Seyfarth. The below article is a great recap of ICE regulations and fines, including a $95 million dollar plea deal. 

Seyfarth Synopsis:  Today’s post is by our colleague, Mahsa Aliaskari, Seyfarth Shaw LLP’s Senior Counsel. Mahsa has advised and defended businesses with up to 100,000+ nationwide employees on U.S. immigration compliance programs and practices. She and Angelo A. Paparelli — along with former USCIS Director, Leon Rodriguez, noted worksite enforcement lawyer, Dawn Lurie, and Alexander Madrak, who recently joined Seyfarth from the Immigrant and Employee Rights Section in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice — are part of Seyfarth’s Immigration Compliance Specialty Team, within the firm’s Immigration Group. Mahsa’s basic message is that, given the Administration’s focus on immigration worksite-enforcement, employers  — no matter how vigilant corporate leaders perceive their immigration compliance measures to be — must take nothing for granted.  Stop assuming and check things out.

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Is Outsourcing Slowing Down Your Background Check Results?

Posted by Bob Mather on October 09, 2017

We've discussed at length in previous posts about the importance of having a dedicated customer service staff and phone support team from your background check service provider. One of the last important pieces of the puzzle is the evaluation of where the vendor's team is located.

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