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$100k/yr HR Manager Fakes Death, Steals Identity and Resume

Posted by Bob Mather on November 04, 2019

Prosecutors say a 41-year-old woman used another woman's ID to get a job in Louisiana and was quickly promoted to a senior position with a six-figure salary, but her scheme had a flaw: She couldn't do the work.


A St. Tammany Parish jury deliberated just 15 minutes before convicting Cindy White of Slidell of identity theft, District Attorney Warren Montgomery announced by email Friday. District Judge Scott Gardner scheduled sentencing April 24 and based on prosecutors recommendations gave her up to 15 years in prison.

Prosecutors say White had listed on her resume that she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University and a master’s degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prosecutors say the woman stole another woman's resume from LinkedIn and obtained her social security and driver's license numbers online.

Company officials became suspicious after she had trouble performing duties and delegating tasks given to her, prosecutors say.

“She also had obtained the woman’s Social Security number and driver’s license number through an unspecified site online,” the district attorney’s office said.

Using White’s real social security number, investigators learned that she was a former Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office employee who was fired in Feb. 1997 for theft, forgery and malfeasance in office. White was accused of assuming a co-worker’s identity, emptying their bank account before being identified in security photos.

White pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery in Sept. 1997 and was placed on probation. The probation was terminated in 1999 because the court received information that she had died.

Originally sentenced to 10 years in prison, prosecutors successfully argued for an additional 5 year sentence.