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21 of the Funniest Fake Resumes Ever!

Posted by admin on May 15, 2015

It’s no BIG secret that today’s job market is tough.  As an employer you know how it is when a position opens within your company, there is a flood of resumes that come in and the real work begins.  Countless hours going through them looking for something that catches your eye and screams out "ME, I'm the perfect candidate for this position!"  But what about those hilarious resumes that make you scratch your head and think "am I seriously reading this right now?"

Although saying something like “Hi. I’m looking for a job.  Only for the summer though. Cause I gotta go back to school.Tnx.”? may cause that person to stand out among other candidates, it's not exactly the kind of person you want to entrust to the available position.

Below are the 21 Funniest Fake Resume’s EVER!  You won't believe what you're seeing on some of these....


Perhaps the unemployment rate should stay exactly where it is…?


Moments where reading your resume out loud can be your best friend… 




Some Major Accomplishments aren’t worth mentioning…


If your gut says, put a picture of yourself on your resume, perhaps prior to the selfie brush your hair….?


Don’t forget to smile…. :)


Sometimes even spell check can’t help you.




It’s not about what you think; it’s what you know that counts….


Nothing says nutrition like coke and cookies!!... 


Remember when I said, some things are better left unsaid??... Here is another great example!


Professional references help… but these?!



In a tough job market it is good to be creative and let everyone know your seeking employment… 


Don’t hold back when creating a resume that conveys you as the ideal candidate. (Sarcasm implied)





I have no words….


I couldn’t make this stuff up….


& if you’re an Arrested Development fan, probably best to leave that out of your resume… even if it is your nickname...


And there it is! 

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