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4 Benefits of Post-Employment Arrest Monitoring

Posted by Marketing on October 08, 2019

Pre-Employ now offers a new service which provides arrest monitoring in addition to pre-hire background checks.

Consistent arrest monitoring draws from databases throughout the country to check for arrests after a person is hired and becomes an employee at the company. It fills the gap left by a lack of national screening in the typical pre-employment background screening process: The service alerts the employer to potential post-hire insider threats once the employee is re-arrested and booked. This service is compliant with the FCRA, and provides numerous benefits to companies seeking to reduce and eliminate insider threats among their employees after the pre-hire phase.

1. Pre-Hire Insider Threat Coverage

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98% of employers now use pre-employment background checks to screen potential hires. These screenings include credit checks, criminal background checks, employment history, and educational history, and other categories. All initial pre-hire background checks screen the county where the job candidate lives, and most thorough screenings cover all the areas where the individuals have resided in the past.

Employees with arrest records may still pose a threat to the company, other employees, or customers if they repeat the offense after they are hired. Because a systematic county-by-county check across the country would be costly and time-consuming, it is not feasible for most companies to order such a screening during a job candidate's initial pre-hire phase. As a result, pre-hire screenings frequently miss situations when the job candidate committed a crime in counties where he or she does not live. Simply stated, pre-employment screenings do not include a broad search conducted nationwide. There are two specific instances where a one-time pre-hire employment check leaves a company at risk for recurring criminal behavior:

  • When the initial pre-hire screening fails to pick up a job candidate's criminal records or other background information which would indicate risky behavior 
  • When the person is arrested post-hire and fails to self-report

2. Continuous Post-Hire Arrest Monitoring: Evidence of Need

Most companies have few resources at their disposal for checking backgrounds of hires after they pass the background check and begin working as company employees. At companies where the backgrounds of employees continue to be screened during their post-hire tenure, the checking process is intermittent and only takes place in the county where the employee lives. Furthermore, self-report policies are not fully effective. The need for employers to be alerted for arrests once the individual is hired is indicated by the following facts:

3. Consistent Arrest Monitoring Service Provides a National Search

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Pre-Employ's new service adds a broad national search to make up for the gap left by the pre-hire screening process. Specifically, the consistent arrest monitoring service provided by Pre-Employ includes over 80% of the country's incarcerations and has access to more than 2000 direct interfaces with jails and DOJs. When an employee is arrested, alerts are sent out within 60 minutes of booking. As a result, the service is able to locate up to 15% more conviction hits than existing background checks.

4. Consistent Arrest Monitoring Offers More Security

This new service fills a need for employers to reduce insider threats to their company, their employees, their, clients, and their overall company culture. Benefits include: 

  • Access to over 140 million U.S. booking records. These records are facilitated by direct interfaces with over 2,000 jails and DOC facilities. A company using Pre-Employ's arrest monitoring service will thus be more likely to detect if the employee commits a crime while residing in another county before or after he or she is hired.
  • Manageable ongoing compliance with industry regulatory and protection initiatives: Companies are provided with proper steps to alert employees of adverse decisions.
  • Easy implementation: After signing a simple initial agreement with Pre-Employ, the hiring company gains access to the appropriate data. The next step is to merely upload the data for examination to see if the employee poses an insider threat.
  • Simple to manage: The company receives a file of updates on each employee whose background check has provided new results so that it can make the appropriate personnel decisions in onboarding and offboarding. The file system is user-friendly and makes it easy to organize and manage new incoming reports. 
  • No change to the background screening process: While the arrest monitoring service is new, the background screening process remains the same. New reports continue to be provided in the customary fashion as soon as they become legally available to the company. So there is no need to implement new procedures for receiving the additional reports.
  • FCRA compliant: The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that employers using background screening tools from third parties comply with authorization and consent procedures. In the case of an adverse decision based on the screening results, the company must comply with FCRA's procedures for letting the applicant or candidate know that an adverse decision will be made and that the screening company was a third party that is not involved with the company's decision-making. Pre-Employ's new consistent arrest monitoring service is set up so the hiring company easily follows these and other compliance procedures laid out by the FCRA. 

Leaders in the pre-employment screening process since 1994, Pre-Employ specializes in providing quality background services to businesses who seek to actively reduce insider threats from employees with existing criminal records. For more information on our full services, please contact us at  or 1.800.300.1821


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