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4 Top Interview Questions

Posted by admin on June 19, 2013

As the economy continues to stabilize, many companies are hiring more employees to handle higher consumer demands. This is positive news for the job market, but in order to recruit the right candidates, employers need to develop solid hiring procedures. Businesses that are well-prepared, have their human resource responsibilities in place, such as employment verification policies, and are ready to take on what the future holds will see the most success.


There are multiple factors to remember about the recruitment process, but employers must be able to get a good idea of interviewees' skills and qualifications to make informed decisions about their futures at the organization. Even companies that aren't looking to bring on more staff members immediately can start preparing now and enhance their hiring strategies so they are ready when the time comes to expand the workforce. An important part of the interviewing process that employers should outline is the list of questions intended for interviewees. How businesses get a read on potential employees depends on the quality of the questions they ask. Here are four of the most important questions recruiters can ask to better understand their candidates:

1. What was appealing about a previous employment opportunity?
Inc. magazine pointed out that this question will provide details about applicants' true work nature. Many will give vague or generic answers about pay or how great an opportunity their past jobs were, but great candidates will take a position because of the work environment and the tasks they get to accomplish.

2. How did you come across this job?
Someone who finds a job from extensive research shows commitment to their profession, as opposed to those who encounter it on general postings. The latter is usually looking for whatever job they can get and isn't necessarily dedicated to the ones they interview for.

3. What are possible challenges you will face in this position?
Depending on what the interviewee answers, recruiters will be able to tell whether the person has thought the position through as well as what their problem-solving skills are, according to TLNT, an online HR resource. Try asking the candidate to walk through steps and use past experiences as examples.

4. What motivates you about this job prospect
This inquiry will help employers get a better idea of how the individual works as well as what managers can do to provide a functional and encouraging professional environment for the person.

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