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5 Myths of Hiring Ex-felons: Fact vs. Fiction

Posted by Bob Mather on March 20, 2017

Most people understand that the primary focus of a background screening company is to find criminal records and accurately report them to the entity requesting the information.

What many may not realize is employers across the nation are actively looking for criminal record activity in order to actually hire a felon. 

Take a look at our free white paper 5 myths of hiring ex-felons and differentiate the facts from what's fiction.

1. There is Nothing to Gain in Hiring an Ex-felon

False:  For each new ex-felon hired, the employer will receive a 25% Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) credit for the qualified first-year wages of those employed at least 120 hours, or $1500 and 40% for those employed 400 hours or more, or $2400.

2. Ex-felons Cannot Be Bonded

False: The federal bonding program (FBP) is a hiring incentive for employers that guarantees the job honesty
of the potential at risk job seekers, including ex-offenders.

Criminal background check form with pen3. It's up to the Applicant to Disclose Past Criminal Activity


False: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) e-race initiative has created a slew of class action lawsuits surrounding pre-employment screening. This is in addition to the massive adoption of the “Ban the Box” legislation on the state and local levels has changed things dramatically.

4. The Hiring Process isn't of Concern to the Applicant

False: Fear of rejection, external financial issues, self-esteem and other emotions can turn a normally understanding and patient person into a someone calling their lawyer to address a potential lawsuit in a matter of hours.

5. Old Hiring Practices Still Work in Today's World

False: The hiring process legally needs to be much different. You not only have to explain to a potential employee that you are rejecting them for employment, but you also need to notify them and give them a copy of the report before you make your decision.

For more detailed information of these myths, check out the white paper 5 Myths of Hiring Ex-felons: Fact versus Fiction.

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