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7 Facts About I-9 Compliance and E-verify You Need to Know

Posted by admin on February 03, 2012

7 Facts About I-9 Compliance and E-verify You Need to KnowEmployers - are you ready to pass an ICE I-9 audit? Did you know it can cost you $100 to $1100 in fines per hire?

Do you know what ICE expects from you?

We’re going to look at steps employers must take to achieve I-9 compliance.

ICE has begun notifying thousands of businesses across the country that they want to review the company’s I-9 forms and documents. They are not just looking for illegal workers. They also want to make sure your hiring processes and documents are compliant. It can cost you up to $1100 for every hire.

“Employers must take the ICE investigations very seriously,” said J.J. Darby, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, South Carolina’s largest association of small business.

Actions to take – now.

To prepared for an ICE investigation:

  1. Make sure I-9 forms are turned in correctly and accurately for all new hires
  2. Ensure new employees complete Section One on their first day of work
  3. Accept only original documents to prove eligibility for employment – copies won’t cut it if you’re audited
  4. Do not require additional documents from foreign employees
  5. Keep I-9 forms separate from other HR files. Keep a separate file for terminated employees.
  6. Review your I-9 forms and correct mistakes. No cover-ups with markers or White Out. Cross out incorrect information, initial it and date it.
  7. Contact legal counsel immediately, if you receive notice from ICE.

And don’t forget: ICE requires you to put together all requested documentation within 72 hours of notification.

Do things right? You’ll be ready. Do things wrong? Adjust your schedule to accommodate a lot of meetings with the government agency.

It’s not easy to stay compliant. Consider our paperless, automated service to eliminate human error and instantly prepare reports when requested by ICE.


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