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$100k/yr HR Manager Fakes Death, Steals Identity and Resume

4 Considerations for Continuous Arrest Monitoring (And Why It Matters)

My employee uses CBD. Now What?

Arrest Monitoring for University Chief of Security and Other Security Personnel

4 Benefits of Post-Employment Arrest Monitoring

What Employers Need to Know About Continuous Monitoring

History First: Automation to Permanently Seal 40,000,000 Criminal Records

New York State Increases Fees for Criminal History Records

E-Verify Re-Opens, What Employers Need to Know

Workplace Immigration Raids and I-9 Audits Surge 400%

E-verify Shut Down Temporarily

$500,000 Stolen: Nuns Arrested

What To Take Away From Petco's $1.2 million FCRA Class Lawsuit

Beware Criminal Kris Kringles

What is a Data Broker?

Volunteer Screening for Your Organization

What to Expect in an I-9 Audit

Mass Firing of Minorities (2x the Rate of White Applicants) Allowed by Court

I-9 Violation Fines for 2018 - $224-to $2,236

4 Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Is E-Verify Mandatory?

ICE Audits up over 100% in 2018

Pre-Employ Recognized on Workforce's 2018 Hot List

Your Future Employee has a Criminal Record. Now What?

FBI Raids Home of Former CEO

422 FCRA Lawsuits Filed in February 2018 Employers Beware!

E-Verify Enforcement Agents Raid 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide

$95 Million Plea Deal for I-9 Violations

Is Outsourcing Slowing Down Your Background Check Results?

How Phone Support Helps Prevent Slow Background Checks

Large Service Providers and Slow Background Checks

Slow Background Checks? Try a Larger Service Provider

Colorado's Sex Offender Registry Law is Unconstitutional

California Sues Itself (Yes, It's True)

New York City’s "Fair Chance Act" Spurs Class Action Lawsuit Against Employer

Found a Criminal Record? Proceed with Caution

Delaware's "Anti-Employment Verification" Law Takes Effect

FCRA Lawsuit Win for Employers

Healthcare Management Group Hit with FCRA Background Check Lawsuit

Philadelphia Faces Backlash Over Proposed Wage History Law - Will New York Follow Suit?

Marijuana at Work: If, When and Who to Test

Kelly Services to pay $6.7 Million in FCRA Background Check Lawsuit

FCRA Class Action Case Dismissed

5 Myths of Hiring Ex-felons: Fact vs. Fiction

FCRA Lawsuits Skyrocket 47%

Retaliation Claims Continue to Rise

Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring

Background Checks & Class Action Suits: Who Really Wins?

Pre-Employ Ranked #1 for Customer Service in the Background Check Industry

Does "Ban the Box" Discriminate against Minorities?

Texas Attempts to Limit "Ban the Box" Legislation

Employees, Marijuana and Your Company

More than 10 employees in California?

Changes To The I-9 Form Coming This November…. Is Your Company Prepared?

Using a DIY Background Check in the Hiring Process Could Put Your Company at Risk

Hurricane Matthew... Strongest Storm In A Decade!

5 Risk-Reducing Tips for Healthcare Background Screening

Employer Beware!... 3 Reasons Not To Conduct Pre-offer Background Checks

Louisiana state government offices shut down due to the severe flooding.

"Updated 8/8/2016" Santa Clara Court Clerks Declare Strike

Santa Clara Court Clerks Declare Strike

Are Your Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Forms FCRA-Compliant?

Stop Paying Background Check Court Fees

2016 Background Check & Employment Screening Trends

Are FBI Fingerprints Criminal Background Checks Flawed?

Stinging Blow to Class Action Attorneys; Employers and Background Check Companies Rejoice

5 Reasons You May Hate Your Background Check Company

How Much Does One "Bad Apple" Hire Actually Cost You?

The Dos and Don'ts of Adverse Action Protocols

The Adverse Action Nightmare: Are at Risk For Being Sued?

Pre-Employ Wins “Best Background Check Company” 2nd Year in a Row

Pre-employ Tops the List of Background Check Services at #1 for 2nd Year

How to Comply With FCRA and EEOC When Hiring

3 Costly Lessons to Learn to Avoid FCRA Lawsuits

Why Offshoring Customer Service Ultimately Costs You Money

Criminal Charges Announced in $600 Million So Cal Healthcare Fraud Case

Amazon Hit with Second Background Check FCRA Class Action Lawsuit

Disney FCRA Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Continues

Genesis Healthcare Wins FCRA Background Check Lawsuit

Ban the Box Movement in the State of Oregon

How Your Old Hiring Process Might Be Putting You at Risk for a Lawsuit

Former Miss Nevada Charged with Felony Drug Charges.

"WTF is Ban the Box?" An Overview for Employers in Twitter-Sized Bites

Why a Convicted Felon May Be Your Next "Best Employee".

300 FCRA Lawsuits filed, Up 83% in August.

About Pre-employ's E-commerce Background Check Solution - MyBackgroundCheck

Why Background Checks Help Small Businesses Make Better Hiring Decisions

Man Arrested for Felony After Releasing "Love" Balloons

FCRA Litigation: 34% of all plaintiffs have sued at least once before

Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know  Free EEOC Report:

EEOC Channels "YMCA" Song to Educate Employers on FCRA. Sing Along!

Whole Foods Settles $800,000 in FCRA Employment Background Check Case

Would You Recognize a Serial Killer Co-worker? 

Warning: "Ineligible" Is Now a Bad Word in Background Check Screening

Ban the Box Guide. Free Download for Employers

Universal Studios Hit with Latest FCRA Background Check Lawsuit

BMW to Pay $1.6 million, Rehire Black Workers : EEOC Background Check

How Closely Should the CEO Work with HR?

Can you Fire a Alcoholic who doesn't request treatment?

Underemployed College Graduate is Selling Her Diploma on eBay

Bryce Williams Facts: Deadly Reminder for HR Professionals

How to Search the Ashley Madison Database Leak ( HR Beware )

"I Hate My Background Check Company, Yep I said it"

Shred, Burn,Pulverize? Are You Disposing of Background Check Reports?

FCRA Class Action lawsuits jump 67%

Interested in a Dating Site? Check out these Hilarious Profiles before Hand!

Employers Take Note: Obama Calls for Enfranchising Felons

Most Epic Responses to Failed Drug Tests

3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale 2015

LinkedIn: The New Online Hook-Up?

14 Hilarious Fake I.D.'s & Driver License Fails!

Hiring Executives Reveal the Weirdest Replies During Job Interviews

Bank of America Class Action Background Check Case Dismissed

21 of the Funniest Fake Resumes Ever!

Texas: 32% of Criminal background Check Convictions Missed.

Ban the Box, Are You Compliant?

Do Prosecutors Have too Much Power to Plea Bargain?

Felony Bear Wrestling... Can I Still Hire Him???

Your NO Felon Policy May be Setting You up for a Lawsuit

How Technical Can it Get? Judge Refuses to Dismiss Whole Foods Class-Action

LinkedIn Scores First Win in FCRA Class Action Lawsuit

Staffing Agency “Allegedly” Causes FCRA Class-Action Lawsuit Against Major Online Retailer

Fashion Models, Cocaine and a Pomeranian

It's a Myth: "The Hiring Process Isn't of Concern to the Applicant"

5 Inmates Sue Beer/Wine Companies for One Billion Dollars!

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" About Criminal Records

Can You Bond a Felon? Can You Bond a Bear Wrestler?

All About the Mugshot

Illegal Questions During an Interview, Does your Staff Know Better?

Get Paid to Hire Criminals! A Few Unknown Facts about Background Checks

School Administrator had Criminal Record that University Didn't Know About

"WTF is Ban the Box?" An Overview for Employers in Twitter-Sized Bites

Healthcare Providers Awarded Over $25 Million in Free Services

I Will Pay You $7,400.00 for Every Felon You Hire...

[UPDATED] Named #1 Background Check Firm by Business News Daily

Staying Compliant with Ban the Box on the Rise

Did Ray Rice Deserve to Lose His Job? EEOC Conflicts for Employers

EEOC Sets Priorities on Staffing and Hiring Cases

Feds Warn Against Form I-9 Prepopulation

How Diversity Supports Values-Based Hiring

Businesses Can Benefit from Reviewing EEOC Strategic Plan

New York City Council Overrides Veto and Makes Sick Time Act Law

EEOC Chair Clarifies Stance on Background Checks

How to Evaluate Candidates During the Recruitment Process

Canada Rules Against Random Alcohol Testing Even Where Safety at Risk

Companies May Want to Reassess their Codes of Conduct

How to Write a Stellar Job Listing for Hiring Quality Candidates

EEOC Files Lawsuit Against Large Food Distributor for Sex Discrimination

HR Compliance with Internship Policies is a Must

U. of MI's New Hiring Policy Includes Background Checks & Verification

Companies Found in Violation of Civil Rights Act in Recent Lawsuits

Understand E-Verify to Avoid Employment Verification Issues

4 Top Interview Questions

New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill on Social Media Privacy Policy

Smell of Marijuana on Employee Not Enough to Enforce Drug Testing

RI School Volunteers Required to Undergo Background Checks

Tennessee Recovers Over $15 Million in Fraudulent Jobless Benefits

Pennsylvania School District Agrees on Random Drug Testing

East St. Louis Employees Fired After Random Drug Tests

Moreau Town Board Calls for New Background Check Policy

Georgia Teacher Termination Unemployment Insurance Questions

Indiana Law Will Expunge Criminal Records, Affecting Background Checks

NY Town Mandates Employment Screening After Hiring Sex Offender

Buffalo Latest to Ban the Box on Job Applications

Nevada Becomes Latest to Restrict Employer Use of Credit Checks

Hotels Sued After Employee with No Background Check Accused of Crime

Texas House Approves Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Small Businesses Voice Support for E-Verify Again

Calif. Senate Study: No Background Checks for Addiction Counselors

Business Coalition Proposes Reform to Tax Credit Program

Prosecutors Urge for Juror Criminal Background Checks in Infamous Mobster's Case

Growing Support Among Restaurants for E-Verify Use

Wisconsin Looks to Up Job Search Requirements for Unemployment Benefits

$240 Million Awarded in Damages to Victims of Severe Abuse and Disability Discrimination

3 Steps to Ensure You're Making a Safe Hire

Minnesota Moves to Ban the Box on Private Sector Job Applications

More States Outlaw Employer Requests for Social Account Information

University Background Checks in the News

Illinois Recoups Millions from Unemployment Insurance 'Cheats'

Unemployment Insurance Fraud Costs U.S. $3 Billion

Healthcare Professionals Advocate Drug Testing Physicians

Government Employees Subject to Higher Rate of Workplace Violence

Several States at Risk of Higher FUTA Tax Rates

Colorado Legislation Governs How Employers Use Credit Checks in Employment Decisions

3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Growing number of states mandate drug testing for unemployment benefits

Employers Legally Allowed to Fire Workers that Use Recreational Marijuana

E-Verify part of immigration reform

Kansas City moves to ban the box

Rhode Island legislature considers background checks on senior care attendants

Audit uncovers sex offenders living at addresses of child care facilities

Colorado Bill Would Expand Unemployment Insurance

Background Check Firm Settles After Being Accused of Selling Reports to Debt Collectors

President's Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 Includes FUTA Tax Increases

New Mexico Revamps Unemployment Insurance

Small Business Owners Voice Support for E-Verify

Bipartisan Compromise on Expanding Firearm Background Checks Reached

Pre-Employment Drug Screens Caught High Number of Positives in 1st Half of 2012

Utah Passes Legislation Protecting Employee Social Media Accounts

Job Creation Falls to Low Point in March

Richmond is the Latest to Ban the Box on Job Applications

State Lawmakers Consider Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Reform

Supermarket Held in Contempt After Violating Consent Decree

Judges Require Florida Gov. to Retool Employee Drug Testing Bill

New Jersey Looks to Revamp Business Tax Incentive Programs

Over 300 SC Businesses Cited for Failure to Comply with E-Verify in 2012

Background Checks for Substitute Teachers

Top 10 Most Costly Employer Discrimination Lawsuits of 2012

Rhode Island Considers Banning the Box

Mass. Commission Demands Fired Cops be Reinstated After Results of Drug Test Overturned

National Legislation Would Ban Employers from Asking Social Media Passwords

California Gov.'s Budget Includes Fee for Access to Public Records

State, City Lawmakers Look to Ban the Box

More states expand background checks on teachers, childcare workers

NYC adopts anti-discrimination against the unemployed measure

Texas task force recovers millions in unemployment insurance fraud

Kansas bill would drug test unemployment benefit recipients

10 San Diego Employers Fined by ICE for Unlawful Employees

Immigration reform likely to require employer use of E-Verify

NH introduces healthcare employee drug testing bill

February employment up more than 230,000 jobs

USCIS Debuts New Form I-9, Will Take Immediate Effect

Inavero announces best staffing agencies for 2013

Business Tax Incentives Key Focus in New Mississippi Legislation

Court: Random Alcohol Testing doesn't Violate ADA

Home Childcare Background Checks in the News

Major retailer accused of discriminating against criminal record holders

Employers give favorable ratings to E-Verify

NLRB orders employees rehired after Facebook drama

NC bill cuts unemployment benefits

Ohio proposes background checks on healthcare 'navigators'

Arizona business tax incentives part of proposed legislation

Home healthcare workers subject to increased levels of screenings in Ohio

Proposed legislation would require screenings on Florida camp counselors

Statewide 'ban the box' legislation proposed in New Jersey

Legality of cases in doubt after foreman's criminal record uncovered

Community college hit with fines for noncompliant employment verification practices

Major Retailer to Pay $3 Million to Settle FCRA Lawsuit

Strippers considered employees in Kansas, eligible for unemployment insurance

EEOC statistics show nearly 100,000 job bias charges last year

January employment numbers signal strong start to 2013

I-9 Audit Costs Dayton Restaurant

HANO eases criminal background check policies

Georgia Dept. of Agriculture failed to use E-Verify

Massachusetts employers wrangle with new medical marijuana laws

Indiana requires national background checks for new school hires

E-Verify now required in three more states Becomes Data Privacy Day Champion

Background check laws for child, elderly care gain attention

Pittsburgh moves to ‘ban the box’

Colorado employer rights preserved despite legalized recreational marijuana use

FCRA Violation Costs Mobile Background Check App Company

New E-Verify Laws Take Effect in Select States on January 1st, 2013

Hiring professionals expect moderate jobs growth in early 2013

Employers in 18 states subject to increasing FUTA rates when they file in 2013

FTC orders data brokers to share details of collection processes

FTC Takes Action Against CRA's Using Background Checks in Violation of FCRA

Employee Lied About Degree Outed by Ex-Husband, Not Background Check

House bill 6641 would require truckers to submit to hair test for drug use

Drug testing, a year in review

USCIS issues fact sheet on I-9 compliance for deferred action recipients

National employment up, unemployment rate down

Drug testing for recreational marijuana pits feds against states

Newly Revised FCRA Forms for Distribution Starting 2013

Hurricane Sandy and Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)

How Applicants Use Third Parties to Get Around Background Checks

Random, noncompliant alcohol test costs employer

Massachusetts companies fined over I-9 noncompliance

Colorado and Washington pot legalization does not prohibit employer bans on drug use

What the 2012 election means for HR compliance

National hiring increases, so does unemployment

Investment in technology will be key in helping HR show value to C-level

How applicants use third parties to get around background checks

FCRA Ruling on Independent Contractors/Volunteers Background Checks Causes A Wave Of New Questions

States, cities removing criminal history questions on applications

USCIS Releases Spanish Language I-9 Resource

Fingerprinting becoming more common for job applicants

Newark restricts employer use of background checks

Newark restricts employer use of background checks

Fingerprinting becoming more common for job applicants

USCIS Releases Spanish Language I-9 Resource

States, cities removing criminal history questions on applications

2013 UPDATE: New Required FCRA Forms

Maryland “Facebook Law” Puts Up Roadblocks on Employee Background Checks

EEOC Ordered To Disclose Their Own Hiring Procedures Regarding Background Checks

Is it legal to ask potential employee's if they have a criminal record?

Confused by the EEOC's New Hiring Guidance?

EEOC Issues Enforcement Guidance

Asking job applicants about their criminal past

EEOC Petitions To Fight $4.5 million Award to CRST

Employer Valuations of Criminal Histories – A Criminal Offense?

EEOC Guidance: The Biggest Change

EEOC Issues Enforcement Guidance

Questions and Answers About the EEOC’s Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII

Hiring Compliance Challenges of Multistate Employers

Head of EEOC Stuart J. Ishimaru Resigning

EEOC’s Straight to Class Action Move Shut Down By 8th Circuit

Screen your volunteers at the highest, most thorough level. And do it affordably.

Disparate impact lawsuits: How doing nothing wrong could be wrong.

Leave Nothing on the Table When it Comes to Tax Credits and Incentives

New EEOC Guidelines will Affect Hiring Decisions

Failure to comply with I-9 regulations can result in employers facing severe financial penalties and/or jail time

How to Minimize Risks of I-9 Discrimination Lawsuits

EEOC Commissioner Indicates Guidelines on Criminal Records Soon to Be Updated

Enterprise Level Job Board for Free

Why Waste Time Answering Employment Verification Calls?

Unemployment Insurance: Keep up with regulations and lower your SUTA rate

County Criminal Searches. How They Are Conducted and What Information is Provided?

Requiring a High School diploma violates the Americans with Disabilities Act? EEOC raises red flags.

ADA: Qualification Standards; Disparate Impact

What You Should Know: Questions and Answers about the EEOC and High School Diploma Requirements

The 5 Key Things to Know About E-Verify

3 Tips to Avoid Problems When Employees Hand Out Job Applications

What Domino's Pizza’s Federal Class Action Lawsuit Means to You and Your Background Check Program

7 Facts About I-9 Compliance and E-verify You Need to Know

Could one of your job applications land you in court?

Criminal Background Checks Lead to Racial Discrimination Settlement

Is Disqualifying a Job Candidate Over Their Conviction Record Discrimination?

Nichols Kaster, PLLP Files a Class Action Lawsuit Against Capital One on Behalf of Employee for Its Unauthorized and Improper Use of Consumer Reports

Free Applicant Tracking System Streamlines the Hiring Process

Date of Birth, Age Discrimination and Background Checks

Senate Bill Requires Background Checks for Long-Term Care Staff

Bill Would Provide Employers With Tax Credit for Hiring Unemployed Workers

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Pre-Employment Drug Screening

Can A Background Check Be Started Before A Conditional Job Offer Is Made?

Common Background Check Myths