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Can you Fire a Alcoholic who doesn't request treatment?

Posted by Bob Mather on August 31, 2015

Treatment-for-Heavy-Alcohol-Use_1We supply drug testing services ( that include alcohol testing} for clients around the world.  in the past, we blogged about the Canadian random testing rules and ban. 

A recent blog post from one of our favorite HR websites asked this provocative question:

An alcoholic employee can present a number of tricky legal issues affecting the workplace. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, there’s a certain dichotomy. That is, alcoholism is a disability under the Act. However, an employer can ban alcohol in the workplace and require that employees not be under the influence of alcohol.

But what about an alcoholic employee, who, while remaining sober at work, seeks a leave of absence to treat?


Excellent points. you can read the complete post by our friends at the employer handbook

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