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Is Outsourcing Slowing Down Your Background Check Results?

Posted by Bob Mather on October 09, 2017

We've discussed at length in previous posts about the importance of having a dedicated customer service staff and phone support team from your background check service provider. One of the last important pieces of the puzzle is the evaluation of where the vendor's team is located.

It's not uncommon for professional service providers to have sales and executive staff located in the United States while support and technical staff are in other countries such as India, the Phillippines or Indonesia.

Why Does Outsourcing Matter?

In theory, an employer should be able to train and manage support staff located anywhere in the world with little to no impact on clients or their satisfaction. In practice, however, this is rarely achieved. Most of us have experienced what it's like to try to resolve issues with an outsourced customer support staff, and while there are the occasional exceptions of good service, it's typically a very unsatisfying experience.

For clients and candidates, it's critical to have a clear, frictionless line of communication with the service provider to ensure a smooth and quick process. Candidates, in particular, may find that outsourced support staff are challenging to work with, thus increasing the chances of them abandoning the hiring process altogether.

Additionally, for both candidates and clients, there may be a certain apprehension to disclose confidential information to individuals not located in the U.S. and employed directly by the service provider. While this may be unfounded, this hesitation can further hinder the background check process and the speed at which it's completed.


Peace of Mind for Your Company and Candidates

There's an important distinction to be made about customer service for background check service providers: the "product" being supported is people – potentially even future employees. The information your business and candidates provide is often highy sensitive and personal. In other words, it's not the same as customer support for the latest consumer electronic gadget you recently bought at Best Buy.

As an employer, hiring a background check services provider that retains a dedicated customer support team located in the U.S., trained and supervised by the vendor, and will respond quickly to concerns of the company and its candidates, shows a clear commitment to high standards.

A fully U.S.-based service provider is more likely to provide faster turnaround and fewer problems than one with staff located overseas. It also shows a commitment to you, the client, showing that the company shares the same goals as you do regarding background checks: speed, accuracy and reliability.

When narrowing down a list of potential vendors in your background check services evaluation, be sure to ask where each comapny's customer support staff is located. Are they employed directly by the vendor, or is the team hired by another company to provide support for them? Remember, you'll only deal with the sales team once, but you'll likely need to deal with the support team numerous times for years to come. So choose wisely.

Additional Things that Slow Down Background Checks

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