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Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Posted by admin on July 25, 2011

Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Hiring quality employees is one of the toughest and most important challenges a manager faces. Good employees are critical to the success of the organization, while poor employees can be the downfall. The art of hiring is one that eludes many managers who do not have the skills and instincts to select the best employee. The process can leave hiring managers as nervous as the job seekers.

The key to successful hiring is making informed decisions. Managers must have a very clear picture of the requirements for the job and must have the skills and tools to select the best match.

The first step to a successful hire is to understand and communicate the required skills and traits for the job. These are the “qualifiers”. The qualifiers should be prioritized and identified as either critical for success or nice to have. Identifying qualifiers helps create an effective job posting and serves as a template for screening and interviewing. This is also the right time to identify “dis-qualifiers” – things that will make an applicant unacceptable.

The next step is to screen and interview applicants. Applicants should be evaluated on how well they meet the qualifiers and the quality of their character. The interview process is the opportunity to discuss the applicant’s background and get more information about their experience and skills. As evidenced by the thousands of books and articles advising on successful interviewing, there are countless ways to achieve this. For example, a higher level job might require multiple formal interviews and testing and assessment, while entry level jobs require only one simple screening. Over time, hiring managers develop a style that works for them.

The point of screening and interviewing is to learn as much as possible about the employee to make an informed decision and hire the right person. Applicants are on their best behavior and present themselves in the best possible light. It can be difficult to know if applicants are trustworthy and whether they are giving you the full account of their background.

Employment screening services by a third party can eliminate some of that uncertainty. Screening services can include drug testing, criminal background checks, license verifications, reference verifications, and employment verifications. These screenings quickly and cost-effectively eliminate “disqualified” applicants. This narrows the hiring field down to qualified applicants only and avoids the expense and disruption of a bad hire. Services such as provide these functions at a cost that is well worth the information gained.

See below for more information on making informed hiring decisions.

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