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Marijuana at Work: If, When and Who to Test

Posted by Bob Mather on May 05, 2017

With clients who screen for drugs all over the world, gets asked about drug testing services frequently. One of the most common areas of discussion surrounds the use of recreational marijuana. Many states have or are in the process of passing recreational or medicinal marijuana laws and we expect this topic to continue to trend. Chelsea Mesa Caitlyn Crisp and Michael Cross of Syfarth Shaw wrote a good blog on this subject that we are sharing below.

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Employees, Marijuana and Your Company

Posted by Bob Mather on December 13, 2016

What is a human resource manager to do when new or current employees proudly proclaim their use of recreational drugs? The answer may simply be to continue with what you have been doing.

Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in California, but the new law states that employers still have the right to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace. Employers can keep policies that prohibit the use of cannabis by employees and prospective workers, according to a Los Angeles Times.

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Can you Fire a Alcoholic who doesn't request treatment?

Posted by Bob Mather on August 31, 2015

We supply drug testing services ( that include alcohol testing} for clients around the world.  in the past, we blogged about the Canadian random testing rules and ban. 

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Most Epic Responses to Failed Drug Tests

Posted by admin on July 10, 2015

As an employer, drug and alcohol testing is one of the utmost important things you can do both before and after the hiring process. You would think that candidates would be prepared to pass a drug test if they are actually putting the effort into applying for the job. Think again! Check out some of these hilarious responses to failed drug tests. 

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Canada Rules Against Random Alcohol Testing Even Where Safety at Risk

Posted by admin on July 02, 2013

randon_alcohol_testing_16001494_800942703_0_14033709_500-210x140The Supreme Court of Canada released its decision on random alcohol testing in the workplace on June 14, 2013 in the Communications, Energy and Paper workers Union of Canada, Local 30 v. Irving Pulp & Paper, Ltd. case. The long awaited decision deemed alcohol testing in the workplace illegal, even if the testing is strictly for safety reasons.

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