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What to Expect in an I-9 Audit

Posted by Pre-Employ Marketing on September 18, 2018

Now that ICE has declared that there will be even more I-9 Audits in 2018, what can you expect if you get the Notice of Inspection or a knock on your door? Even though the chances are pretty low, you don’t want to be one of the unfortunate ones.

This post is a part of The Ultimate Guide to I-9 Compliance

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I-9 Violation Fines for 2018 - $224-to $2,236

Posted by Bob Mather on August 24, 2018

As has happened almost every year, early in 2018 new fee/penalty schedules for Form I-9 violations were announced, and they're not lower.  These fines can be assessed for paperwork errors such as missing or incorrect fields, dates beyond the allotted time for completion and incomplete or missing Forms I-9.  

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Is E-Verify Mandatory?

Posted by Pre-Employ Marketing on August 16, 2018

This blog post is part of The Ultimate Guide to I-9 Compliance

Earlier this week, a heated TV Commentator dust-up brought the subject of immigration, legal and illegal, back into the media spotlight. 

This then created a variety of questions about how, really, is immigration controlled. According to this article on immigration reform, "some (people) appear to think the E-Verify system is already in force." 

These conversations demonstrated that the understanding of E-Verify and who can and must use it are unclear. Here's the real deal:

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ICE Audits up over 100% in 2018

Posted by Pre-Employ Marketing on August 07, 2018

DHS Homeland Security Investigations plan more audits this year

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According to ICE's own press release, more than 5,200 businesses around the country have been served a notice of inspection (NOI) this calendar year. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) the team responsible for monitoring and maintaining compliance continue, stating they intend to increase the NOIs even more, to "create a culture of compliance among employers." 

What does that mean for you as an employer?  Well, you should be prepared for an ICE Audit. If you're wondering what exactly that entails, read on!

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Small Business Owners Voice Support for E-Verify

Posted by admin on April 17, 2013

E-Verify, the federal employment verification database, has recently received high marks from U.S. businesses for its usability. Now, a new survey finds the program is also supported by small-business owners, who have urged called for employers across the country to be mandated to use E-Verify in some capacity.


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