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5 Risk-Reducing Tips for Healthcare Background Screening

Posted by Stacy Prewitt on September 06, 2016

Healthcare providers need to meet several federal and state compliance requirements in order to reduce legal risks, fraud and the protect their patients and their information.

Recruiting and hiring the right healthcare employee can add different levels of risk to your company. Performing a comprehensive background check and verifying licenses on all candidates, employees, volunteers, and contractors can be an effective way to reveal potential risks or concerns that ultimately affect your company.

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Employee Lied About Degree Outed by Ex-Husband, Not Background Check

Posted by admin on December 18, 2012

Background checks not only take into account an applicant's history in governmental records and criminal databases, but verify claims applicants make on resumes. A growing number of cases have been reported where candidates lie about their education histories, either claiming to have a degree when no such diploma was awarded, or touting a certificate earned from a disreputable institution like a diploma mill. 

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