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[UPDATED] Named #1 Background Check Firm by Business News Daily

Posted by Bob Mather on January 15, 2015

Pre-employ is #1 in the Nation for Customer Service!

[UPDATED 2016] Pre-employ wins #1 in the Nation for the 2nd year in a row! READ MORE

That’s right, according to the January 2015 National publication Business News Daily, out of over forty different background check companies that they investigated, and it's subsidiary were the best! Not just for our background check products, and low cost but what stood out to Business News Daily was our outstanding customer service!

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Staying Compliant with Ban the Box on the Rise

Posted by Bob Mather on September 18, 2014

“The increased use of background checks in employment screenings operated to exclude an alarming number of applicants from jobs for which they are otherwise qualified.” This is according to Jonathan J. Smith in the article “Banning the Box but Keeping the Discrimination? Disparate Impact and Employers’ Overreliance on Criminal Background Checks.”

What do I have to say in response to this statement…I absolutely don’t want child molesters having access to children in a daycare…but then again, I certainly wouldn’t want to see someone with a misdemeanor conviction for failing to obtain a license for their dog being discriminated against due to a company’s blanket policy of “not hiring criminals”…and believe it or not, I have actually seen this happen.

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Did Ray Rice Deserve to Lose His Job? EEOC Conflicts for Employers

Posted by Bob Mather on September 11, 2014

Let me start by saying that what Ray Rice did to his fianceé was atrocious and as the father of three daughters, I had a visceral reaction to the video that left me angry and upset for hours.

As the CEO of one of the nation’s largest background check companies, I have screened over 6 million individuals for pre and post-employment reasons (continued employment, promotion etc.) and am constantly uncovering criminal acts such as these and working with state, federal and local laws on what can be reported to the employer.

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EEOC Sets Priorities on Staffing and Hiring Cases

Posted by admin on November 01, 2013

For the 2013-16 fiscal years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission started chipping away at the mountain of litigation classified under staffing and hiring practices is one of its top six priorities.


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Businesses Can Benefit from Reviewing EEOC Strategic Plan

Posted by admin on July 25, 2013

Avoiding the watchful eye of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should not impede companies in their search for qualified job candidates. In fact, it is of the utmost importance that hiring directors and human resource managers follow the guidelines enforced by federal and nongovernmental agencies that ensure fair hiring practices. In addition to using background screening and employment verification services, employers should keep a careful eye on whether their hiring policies could be considered discriminatory. Recently, the EEOC released its Strategic Enforcement Plan for fiscal years 2013 through 2016, which outlines key features that suggest best practices for hiring professionals. Of the points highlighted by the EEOC, the following are crucial to put into practice.


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