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4 Benefits of Post-Employment Arrest Monitoring

Posted by Marketing on October 08, 2019

Pre-Employ now offers a new service which provides arrest monitoring in addition to pre-hire background checks.

Consistent arrest monitoring draws from databases throughout the country to check for arrests after a person is hired and becomes an employee at the company. It fills the gap left by a lack of national screening in the typical pre-employment background screening process: The service alerts the employer to potential post-hire insider threats once the employee is re-arrested and booked. This service is compliant with the FCRA, and provides numerous benefits to companies seeking to reduce and eliminate insider threats among their employees after the pre-hire phase.

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Topics: Employment Verification, Criminal Background Checks, Employment Eligibility Verification

Immigration reform likely to require employer use of E-Verify

Posted by Pre-Employ Marketing on March 12, 2013

The effects of immigration reform won't just be felt by border patrol agents, but employers too. An important factor to recently proposed immigration reform attempts is the mandatory use of the federal E-Verify system. Employment verification is a hot topic, and many businesses following Capitol Hill think it's almost certain that use of the database will be required in the future.

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Topics: HR Compliance, I-9 Compliance, E-Verify, Employment Eligibility Verification