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Interested in a Dating Site? Check out these Hilarious Profiles before Hand!

Posted by admin on July 17, 2015

Have you ever met someone that seemed like they may be interesting to date only to find that something is a little off? Or you create a profile on one of the many dating sites and you get inundated with odd requests to meet. You think to yourself, "hmmm, I shouldn't need a background check.  I'll just look at their profile and that seems to tell a lot about a person right?" WRONG! Just to give you an idea of the potential "daters" here are some hilarious and, well, down right creepy profiles and pictures from dating sites. 

#1 Mateo the Unicorn Rider!

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Most Epic Responses to Failed Drug Tests

Posted by admin on July 10, 2015

As an employer, drug and alcohol testing is one of the utmost important things you can do both before and after the hiring process. You would think that candidates would be prepared to pass a drug test if they are actually putting the effort into applying for the job. Think again! Check out some of these hilarious responses to failed drug tests. 

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LinkedIn: The New Online Hook-Up?

Posted by admin on June 05, 2015

When this query first came up, I was like, no way!  That’s a place for job seekers to connect & expand their career, right?...

There is no doubt about it; LinkedIn is the number 1 social site for career networking.   You can connect and follow top influencers on a global basis.  LinkedIn is even available in 24 languages, pretty powerful online tool for all industries worldwide.  More recently however, not only can you show off your credentials on the online site, it might even help when searching for a life partner.  Here are five reasons why LinkedIn could be your secret love arrow into another’s heart.

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14 Hilarious Fake I.D.'s & Driver License Fails!

Posted by admin on May 29, 2015

Let's face it, does anyone really "like" their driver's license photo?  Some can (and should) beg to retake their photo or even pay for another license.  And these youngsters with fake I.D.'s with a name like,  "McLovin" they really didn't think that would work did they?  Imagine what the retail clerk or hiring manager must be thinking when they see these gems; below are 14 hilarious examples of just that:

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Hiring Executives Reveal the Weirdest Replies During Job Interviews

Posted by admin on May 22, 2015

Your hiring process is like a fine tuned, well-oiled engine.  The gears begin churning as you identify that you have a vacancy, making sure to cross your T’s and dot your i’s on developing the position description. You plan out how you’re going to recruit and then put the plan into action. Submission after submission begin to roll in as you gather and review applicant's information and create a list of your interview prospects.  Through this, you generate a series of questions hoping to gain the best and most qualified job applicant to join your workforce. 

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