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Texas: 32% of Criminal background Check Convictions Missed.

Posted by Bob Mather on May 13, 2015

Highlights from our internal analysis. Read more below

  • 638 individuals screened for Texas Criminal records
  • 135 individuals with criminal records were found
  • 43 were not reported by TXDPS
  • 89  unique criminal record cases were not reported by the TXDPS
  • 26  of these unique records are felonies
  • 63 of these unique records are MisdemeanorsOur facts:

After an internal evaluation of Texas Department of Public Safety criminal record accuracy, is urging employers who screen individuals in the state of Texas to contest two bills currently being considered (TX BILLS H2700 & H4114).

In our opinion, these two bills significantly undermine public safety and were recently reported out of committee.

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Texas House Approves Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Posted by admin on May 29, 2013

drug_testing_applicantsA recent spate of states have considered legislation that would require seekers of unemployment insurance to first pass a drug test in order to earn eligibility. Add Texas to that growing list, after the state's House approved a measure that would tie screening to availability of jobless benefits.

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Texas task force recovers millions in unemployment insurance fraud

Posted by admin on March 17, 2013

Texas businesses may see a little lost money come their way after a task force in the state announced it had recovered millions in fraudulently obtained unemployment insurance last year.

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