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Tennessee Recovers Over $15 Million in Fraudulent Jobless Benefits

Posted by admin on June 14, 2013

States have fought with force against those who fraudulently obtain unemployment insurance benefits. The latest such example of this came in the form of more than $15 million a Tennessee agency announced the state had recouped from individuals who illegally obtained jobless benefits.


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Georgia Teacher Termination Unemployment Insurance Questions

Posted by admin on June 07, 2013

Companies need to understand how unemployment insurance works when they terminate an employee so they don't find themselves in the middle of a major lawsuit. The terms of unemployment insurance are not always clear and complicated cases can arise. However, if businesses are able to communicate the rules and regulations to their employers, they may not see as many problems in the future. A few cases have come about in which former employees were denied unemployment insurance and felt as though they were dealt with unlawfully.


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Unemployment Insurance Fraud Costs U.S. $3 Billion

Posted by admin on May 10, 2013

Unemployment insurance is an oftentimes tricky obligation for employers, and the same can be said for the federal government. Compliance is needed at every step to prevent fraud, yet it's likely too late for the United States, after a recent report found billions in unemployment benefits were obtained through fraudulent means in 2011.


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Several States at Risk of Higher FUTA Tax Rates

Posted by admin on May 07, 2013

Already, employers in a number of states are subject to higher tax rates due to outstanding debt owed to the federal government because of loans taken out to pay unemployment insurance during the recession. Now, businesses in qualifying states face another potential federal unemployment tax hit in addition to the increases called for in the president's recent budget proposal.


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Growing number of states mandate drug testing for unemployment benefits

Posted by admin on May 01, 2013

Two of the most important aspects of employment matters have converged recently, as an increasing number of states have enacted legislation or proposed bills that require individuals seeking unemployment insurance to first pass a drug test before receiving jobless benefits.

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