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Volunteer Screening for Your Organization

Posted by Pre-Employ Marketing on October 02, 2018

Service is the hallmark of your nonprofit organization. But in order to render that service, your organization’s legal standing and its status and reputation in your community must be preserved.

To help ensure this, your nonprofit organization needs reliable employee background checking and volunteer screening before a worker joins your team. Oncepeople are onboard, your organization becomes vulnerable, and damage may be done before you become aware problems even existed.

If your organization’s reputation is damaged, its ability to raise resources and funds within your community can be seriously, and perhaps irreparably, compromised. You simply cannot afford to expose your organization’s image and sensitive information to new workers who have not been properly screened.

But if you're going to perform background checks, you must be performing them lawfully. Lawsuits over unlawful background checks are a reality. Organizations cannot risk performing these checks without a thorough knowledge of federal, state and local laws. This dual problem of needing checks while not having the expertise to perform them without legal risk puts many organizations between a rock and hard place. exists to solve these problems for you. provides the expertise and tools you need to rest easy knowing your employees and volunteers match the integrity of your organization. Our experienced staff will sit down with you to develop a set of services that meet your unique needs. Our nationally-recognized Volunteer Screening platform is easy to use and efficient.

A leader in pre-employment checking, provides criminal background checks on the national, state and local level, testing for drugs, sex offender scans, license verifications, credit checking, as well as other services. was founded in 1994 and maintains a stellar record of regulatory conformity and research. A recognized provider to Fortune 1000 companies, continues to set the industry standard for timeliness, service and technology.

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