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Washington Court Closures

Posted by Pre-employ on March 19, 2020

Updated May 27, 2020 5:01 pm EST     

The mountains of West Virginia may be rugged, but companies like Tudor Brothers and Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel can’t afford for things to go anyway but smooth. We here at Pre-Employ are here to help… we hope the states hiring managers will use this list of court statuses to stay informed concerning employment background checks and avoiding hiring delays.

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Courts Within Washington Jurisdictions

Jurisdiction = County or Parrish Court System

Record Access= Can access FCRA Compliant records at this time

In-Person = Can general public access courthouses for records or information 

Jurisdiction Full or Partial Record Access? Court Status Jurisdiction Full or Partial Record Access? Court Status
Statewide-Washington Yes OPEN Lewis, WA Yes OPEN
Adams, WA Yes OPEN Lincoln, WA Yes OPEN
Asotin, WA Yes OPEN Mason, WA Yes OPEN
Benton, WA Yes OPEN Okanogan, WA Yes OPEN
Chelan, WA Yes OPEN Pacific, WA Yes OPEN
Clallam, WA Yes OPEN Pend Oreille, WA Yes OPEN
Clark, WA Yes OPEN Pierce, WA Yes OPEN
Columbia, WA Yes OPEN San Juan, WA Yes OPEN
Cowlitz, WA Yes OPEN Skagit, WA Yes OPEN
Douglas, WA Yes OPEN Skamania, WA Yes OPEN
Ferry, WA Yes OPEN Snohomish, WA Yes OPEN
Franklin, WA Yes OPEN Spokane, WA Yes OPEN
Garfield, WA Yes OPEN Stevens, WA Yes OPEN
Grant, WA Yes OPEN Thurston, WA Yes OPEN
Grays Harbor, WA Yes OPEN Wahkiakum, WA Yes OPEN
Island, WA Yes OPEN Walla Walla, WA Yes OPEN
Jefferson, WA Yes OPEN Whatcom, WA Yes OPEN
King, WA Yes OPEN Whitman, WA Yes OPEN
Kitsap, WA Yes OPEN Yakima, WA Yes


Kittitas, WA Yes OPEN      
Klickitat, WA Yes OPEN      


Washington Federal Appeals Court

Western District of Washington 

All civil and criminal matters scheduled before June 1 are postponed until further notice. Individual judges may decide to proceed with remote conferences as appropriate. All grand jury proceeding scheduled before june 1 are postponed. All criminal initial appearances and detention hearings will be conducted remotely with the defendant’s permission, unless the court decides otherwise. The bankruptcy court will continue with scheduled nonevidentiary hearings by telephone as posted on and announced by the individual bankruptcy judge.

Eastern District of Washington 

All in-court hearings in civil and criminal cases scheduled through April 14 are vacated until further notice, and case-related deadlines are suspended. All grand jury sessions before April 13 are vacated. Magistrate judges can evaluate their essential proceedings on a case-by-case basis. Naturalization ceremonies have been canceled through April 30.

Washington State Court 

All civil jury trials are suspended until after April24. Trials already in session may proceed or may be postponed to a later date at the discretion of the judge or by agreement of parties. All nonemergency civil matters are postponed until after April 24, and emergency matter must be held remotely, if possible. All criminal jury trials are postponed until after April 24. Criminal trials already in session with sworn juries may proceed if public health measures are strictly observed, but may be postponed if the defendant agrees to do so.

Immigration Court

The Seattle immigration court is closed through April 10. All routine filings will be conside3red on time if filed the first day the Seattle court reopens, and respondents can submit emergency filings to the immigration court in Tacoma, Washington, in the meantime. Attorney and respondents whose hearings will be rescheduled as a result will receive notice of the new dates at least 10 days before hand.

Snohomish County Superior Court 

All criminal jury trials are postponed until April 24, and all civil jury trials are postponed until at least June 1. Anyone with symptoms is prohibited from visiting any courtroom or program office. The number of cases that will be confirmed on any court commissioner calendar is capped at 10.

Pierce County Courts and Tacoma Municipal Courts 

All jury trials, except those already in progress, are postponed until April 24. Bench Trails will remain an option, and nonjury trials are not affected. Anyone scheduled to appear for a criminal proceeding between March 16 and April 24 must still show up to court.

King County Superior Court 

All jury trails and juror summonses are postponed until April 24. All civil pretrial and motion hearings will be held by telephone.

 Ninth Circuit court of Appeals

Courthouses are closed to the public during noncourt weeks until further notice. The court is evaluating arguments currently scheduled in March, April, and May and will give orders to the cases individually.


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