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Why Offshoring Customer Service Ultimately Costs You Money

Posted by Bob Mather on January 21, 2016

There is a false belief among many business owners, especially in the background check industry, that ends up biting them in the proverbial butt. That belief is: you’ll save a ton of money if you offshore your customer service.

This is patently wrong thinking, and I feel I am qualified to say as much for two reasons:

Outsource button no clickReason 1: A sizeable chunk of Pre-employ’s customer base come to us after becoming frustrated with their former background check company’s lacking customer service (much of it overseas).

Reason 2: Pre-employ was just recently named #1 Background Check Firm by Business News Daily. While they spoke about our quality products and very fair pricing, what really stood out to them was our outstanding customer service. In fact, out of the 40 background check companies Business News Daily researched, was said to have, “…by far, the best customer service.”

Offshoring customer service may start out as a “good” idea to save some money, but in the end loses business owners thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue when big accounts jump ship.

Here are some of the reasons customers hate dealing with offshore customer service departments:

No One Wants to Struggle With Basic Communication

Many background check companies offshore their customer service jobs to India, and while those employees may have a pretty decent grasp of the language, many times “pretty decent” just doesn’t cut it. The last thing an HR manager needs when they are already feeling the pressure from higher-ups to get answers about a potential employee NOW, is to struggle with language hurdles and bad phone connections.

Customer Service Scripts Feel Fake

When you reach out to another human being for help, you want a human being to reach back and solve your problem. You DON’T want someone who is clearly reading a script on the other end of the line. Not only does this feel impersonal, typically that customer service employee is more focused on where they are in the script than listening to your questions. Ask them something they can’t answer and they will do what they have been trained to do, get the conversation back on script. Scripted answers are hardly a way to solve customer problems.

Your Customers Feel Like You Don’t Really Care

American consumers are pretty savvy. They know when they call customer service and someone overseas answers that your company is trying to save a few bucks. This makes them feel like their problem or question isn’t important enough for you to handle their call directly. And you know something? They’re right.

Businesses that offshore customer service are putting their bottom lines before their customers’ needs. I have been told repeatedly by customers that one of the reasons they canceled their contract with their old background check company and came to us was because they wanted customer service that made them feel great. Every time I hear that, it makes me feel great.

Awful customer service is just one of the reasons HR leaders hate their background check company. Interested in learning about the other reasons? Download the eBook on 5 Reasons HR Leaders Hate Their Background Check Company.

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