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Small Business Owners Voice Support for E-Verify

Posted by admin on April 17, 2013

E-Verify, the federal employment verification database, has recently received high marks from U.S. businesses for its usability. Now, a new survey finds the program is also supported by small-business owners, who have urged called for employers across the country to be mandated to use E-Verify in some capacity.


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Over 300 SC Businesses Cited for Failure to Comply with E-Verify in 2012

Posted by admin on April 03, 2013

E-Verify is an important tool to employment verification. It has not only been the object of state-level legislation, but also at the center of a larger federal attempt at immigration reform. Using and enrolling in the system is required of many employers countrywide, and failure to comply can result in serious penalties, as more than 300 businesses in South Carolina recently found out.


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Topics: South Carolina, HR Compliance, E-verify

10 San Diego Employers Fined by ICE for Unlawful Employees

Posted by admin on March 13, 2013

A number of San Diego-area business recently had their employee I-9 forms audited by federal employment verification enforcement officials, which resulted in 10 firms being fined in excess of $170,000 for noncompliance.employers-in-18-states-will-pay-more-on-taxes-because-of-a-fu_16001494_800932766_0_0_14062020_500-300x200

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The 5 Key Things to Know About E-Verify

Posted by admin on February 15, 2012

What are Your Responsibilities – and Your Employee's Rights?

E-Verify is the government’s online tool that enables employers to verify the eligibility of their employees when it comes to working in the United States. So what are your responsibilities – and your employees’ rights – when it comes to E-Verify? Can you fire an employee if they receive a tentative nonconfirmation? How does E-Verify relate to I-9 compliance?

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Topics: HR Compliance, I-9 Compliance, E-verify

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